We travel on the Tube

08 May 2013

“Flat Kathy, we’re travelling on the Tube today,” declared Morton one morning.

“We’ll be sitting on a tube?” I asked, incredulous. “Won’t that be uncomfortable – and rather dangerous too?”

My friends laughed. “No no, Flat Kathy, the Tube is another name for the London Underground Railway,” Paula reassured me. “It is an underground network of railway lines and trains that criss-crosses the entire city.”

“And where are we going?” I inquired.

“We’re going to visit an IKEA store,” replied Morton, “the biggest of the four IKEA stores in London. It is situated in north-west London, close to the famous Wembley stadium. In order to get there from Roy’s home, we have to catch the train from Denham to Wembley, and then take a bus to IKEA.”

As I had not heard of such a place before, he explained that IKEA sells ready-to-assemble furniture (like beds, shelves, desks, chairs, etc.) and lots of home appliances and anything that you can think of to make your home look pretty.

He said, “I think you’ll like it there, Flat Kathy. Everything there is flat, rather like you. All the items are packed in flat boxes, so you can get them home more easily. Then you assemble all the furniture yourself when you get home.”

It was quite an adventure, I can tell you. The buses and trains in London are such fun and you can get just about anywhere – though you do still have to walk around a lot too! I thoroughly enjoyed travelling on the Tube, and we hopped on and off all over the place. But I realised that it is very easy to get disoriented, because you cannot see exactly where you are, unless you climb up all the stairs and escalators to the streets above, and then consult your map.

Here I am with Morton, waiting to take the famous London underground railway!

We take the London underground to travel all over the big city
We take the London Underground – The Tube! – to travel all over the big city

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