I am off to merry olde England!

My dear friends, I sincerely apologise for the long silence on my blog.

We had barely returned from Namibia, when the next thrilling travel opportunity presented itself. Reggie’s lovely neighbours, Paula and Morton, who appear to have been following my blog with interest since its beginnings, graciously invited me to join them on a 6-week holiday in the United Kingdom! Can you believe it?

My new friend Paula, with whom I am travelling around England at the moment
My new friend Paula, with whom I am travelling around England at the moment

They promised to take me on the plane with them, instead of squashing me into a suitcase, and to let me look out of the window as we flew north across the African continent. They offered to show me all around England, and of course to photograph me in front of all the important landmarks. I got quite excited! Who knows, perhaps I will even meet the Queen?! Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? But regardless of whether we meet any royalty along the way, I just know that I am going to have the most marvelous time in England.

The day before our departure, dear Paula came over personally to pick me up. We posed for a final piccie, Reggie gave me very firm and slightly tearful goodbye hug, and then it was time to leave. There was quite a bit of packing to supervise, and the nextdoor cats wanted to have a look at me too, and so did the fish in the aquarium and the birds in the bird cage. I even met the dogs, which I had thus far only heard barking on the other side of the fence. Everyone was so nice to me, that I felt right at home.

I hope to tell you all about our travels around England very soon!

In the meantime, I have asked Reggie to update my blog with all the photos and stories of our time in Namibia. Happy browsing!

2 thoughts on “I am off to merry olde England!

  1. Oh F.K. this is so exciting. I hope Paula or Morton let you use their laptop to keep us updated on your travels.

    Note: Reggie, I am not sure how to ask … ahem … did you make Paula and Morton aware of WHY F.K. had to leave Nova Scotia in the first place ? The minor matter of her being a mite too friendly with someone’s husband …


    1. Hello Sybil – We haven’t had much internet access, so I think that part of the story will have to wait until I return to Cape Town.

      Note from Reggie: I have given Flat Kathy the strictest instructions to behave herself. After all, she is now a public figure! 🙂


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