Aunty Lissi gives me a complete makeover!

06 April 2013

On our final evening in Windhoek, Aunty Lissi, Reggie and Richard were sitting in the kitchen, having a relaxing cup of tea, after washing the dishes from the braai we had just finished. Reggie was scrutinising me with a critical eye. Finally, she said, “Flat Kathy, you need a makeover. You’re a bit of a mess. We can’t send you off to your next destination looking like this.”

“I agree,” I said, “I seem to have dirt spots all over, and my hair keeps falling down over my eyes, and my patches are just not sticking on anymore.”

And sewed it onto the new sheet of paper
Aunty Lissi very, very carefully gives me some cosmetic surgery

“Well, don’t you worry, Flat Kathy,” said Aunty Lissi, looking at me kindly, “it’s a bit like getting wrinkles or grey hair when you’re older. All those things are a sign that you have lived well, and that you have had some wonderful experiences. It’s quite normal.”

Hearing those kind words made me feel so much better.

“Nonetheless, how do you feel about a makeover?” she suggested. “Reggie bought some strong yellow sheets of board at the stationery shop earlier today, and I see that they are in almost the same shade as your old board.”

It is the same colour as the wool used for my mouth
My mouth is sewn on again…

“We must definitely re-use your eyes and your cute little heart-shaped nose,” added Reggie, playfully tweaking my nose. “And I see that Aunty Lissi has some pink yarn, and some green yarn, which looks identical to that which your friends from Nova Scotia – Sybil, Lynn, and Amy-Lynn – used when they first made you.”

“We can also use a strand of your original hair, and the dark red wool that used to tie it together, to re-make your mouth,” proposed Richard.

“Do you want your original hair back, Flat Kathy?” asked Aunty Lissi, holding it up so I could see.

And tied on my colourful new plaits
And tied on my colourful new plaits

“You know, I think I’d prefer the colourful woollen plaits,” I finally said after some consideration. “After all, I kind of donated my original hair during the CANSA Shavathon. Will you tie on the bow again? I’ve worn it since Valentine’s Day.”

Aunty Lissi nodded, understandingly, “I shall tie on the bow again too.”

Wonderful! I beamed happily at all of them.

“Right then, Flat Kathy,” said Reggie. “Are you ready for your Big Makeover?”

I nodded eagerly. I sure was! I hope you too will like the result!

(Click on any of the photos below to access the slideshow with captions.)

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