The Walvis Bay waterfront exudes rustic charm

05 April 2013

“Did you know that Walvis Bay now has a lovely waterfront?” asked Aunty Christa, as we returned to the car after feeding the seagulls.

“No,” said Reggie. “I didn’t know that – is it new?”

“Yes, it’s a fairly recent development. It’s right behind the yacht club.”

Following Aunty Christa’s directions, we soon found ourselves a parking spot in an open area behind the yacht club, and wandered over to check out the new waterfront.

It was enchanting!

There weren’t many tourists wandering around at the time, probably because of the damp fog, so it felt very peaceful and laidback. We ambled around, looking at the restaurants, browsing the shops, and chatting to the friendly shop owners. They said that the various restaurants and pubs can get very busy in the evenings and on the weekends. It’s also the ideal place to join one of the boat trips out to see seals, dolphins, and even whales!

(Here is an excellent review of this lovely place.)

(Click on any of the photos below to access the slideshow with captions.)

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