The Swakopmund jetty in the evening mist

05 April 2013

After our long drive to Walvis Bay, our walk along the lagoon with the flamingoes, our visit to the Waterfront, and our encounters with pelicans and hungry sea gulls, followed by our visit to Dune 7 and lunch at the Rössmund Golf Course, we all – understandably – needed a bit of a rest. Not long though – for then we headed off again to the lovely old town centre of Swakopmund, to meet Monique – family of Reggie’s – over a quick cup of tea.

Mist was still enveloping much of the town, and visibility was poor.

“Shall we go down to the jetty?” asked Aunty Lissi, who had missed last night’s glorious sunset at the jetty.

“Oh yes, it’ll make for some great photos,” agreed Reggie enthusiastically. I thought so too. It was very atmospheric, and eerie down at the water’s edge.

(Click on any of the photos below to access the slideshow with captions.)

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