Thabo and Bheki hunt the chocolate Easter bunnies

01 April 2013

“Thabo? Bheki? I think I saw something running through the garden very, very early this morning,” announced Reggie at breakfast on Easter Sunday.

“Really?” I asked, intrigued. The Twins, who had been smearing yoghurt over their faces in their attempt to feed themselves, stopped what they were doing, and stared at Reggie, open-mouthed.

“Yes, Flat Kathy,” replied Reggie solemnly. “I happened to be glancing through the kitchen window, while chopping up a sweet melon for breakfast, when I caught a glimpse of something pinkish-white and fluffy, with floppy ears and a round fluffy tail running through the garden.”

“What do you think it was?”

Well,” said Reggie, pausing dramatically, “I think it might have been the Easter Bunny himself. But I’m not really sure.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed.

I think we should finish our breakfast, and then have a look outside,” suggested Richard wisely. “Perhaps the Easter Bunny has hidden some chocolate eggs and marshmallow eggs in the garden.”

We quickly wiped down the yoghurt-smeared Twins, and followed our friends outside. Reggie, as usual, had her camera with her, ready to take some photos of The Twins’ Big Easter Egg Hunt! Richard held a small basket, in which we could place any chocolate eggs or bunnies we found.

Oh, my friends, we had so much fun! The Twins trotted hither and thither, peering into potplants, parting the dense foliage, looking behind stones, and even asking the Garden Gnomes for helpful suggestions! It was such a very exciting Easter egg hunt!

Click on any of the photos in the collage below, to access the slideshow with the captions.

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