A quick trip to the shops for Easter buns

30 March 2013

“Do they bake hot cross buns in Namibia?” I asked Reggie. She had explained to me that these buns were an Easter tradition, and I had such happy memories of munching hot cross buns in Cape Town.

“Of course we do,” interjected Aunty Lissi. “And as it happens to be the Easter weekend, I think we should pick up some hot cross buns. Do you want to drive to the shops with us, Flat Kathy?”

“Oh yes!” I cried, excitedly. I always love outings, even if they’re just a quick trip around the block. We climbed in the car, and drove up a couple of roads, until we reached the neighbourhood Spar.

The little shopping centre was very busy, and I was worried that I would get lost or trampled; so Reggie allowed me to sit inside the shopping trolley, from where I had a perfect view of my surroundings. We picked up some milk, some nibblies for afternoon tea, and some freshly baked hot cross buns that smelt absolutely heavenly.

I am pleased to report that they didn’t only smell heavenly, but they tasted great too!

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