Packing for our flight to Namibia

28 March 2013

The Big Day has finally arrived!

We have been packing frantically for my very first aeroplane flight! Reggie and Richard and Aunty Christa and I are flying to Windhoek, which is the capital city of Namibia. I am going to meet their families in Windhoek, and then we’re planning to drive down to the town of Swakopmund on the coast for a couple of days, before returning to Windhoek.

“May I really sit inside the plane?” I anxiously asked my hosts this morning over breakfast. “You’re not going to put me in cargo, are you?”

Reggie patted me reassuringly, “No, no, Flat Kathy, you’re going to fly with us, in the economy section. I don’t have a separate seat for you, but you can sit on our laps, or I’ll tuck you into the seat pocket in front of me.”

Really-really?” I asked, unable to believe my good fortune.

“Really-really, pinky promise,” said Reggie solemnly. “We’ll have to take off your stick, though, because there might be a problem going through security. They might think it a dangerous weapon.”

“That’s quite alright,” I said magnanimously. “You did say Aunty Lissi would be able to lend me a stick, so I don’t mind leaving mine here.”

“You’re not going to take the Twins into the cabin, though, are you?” asked Richard, trying yet again to stop the terrible Twins throwing muesli and fruit pieces at each other. They are being quite impossible! I think it’s the excitement of the upcoming journey, but they’ve been so restless.

“Absolutely NOT,” Reggie retorted, wiping the table clean for the umpteenth time. “They’re going in our suitcase.”

The Twins stopped what they were doing and gave us a horrified look.

“Too late now,” I said sternly. “Now clean up, and we’ll finish packing.”

I helped Reggie to wrap the twins in their little box with the soft paper, and we even tucked in their little sticks too. They looked at us with big, sorrowful eyes, as we placed them carefully into the suitcase, surrounded by soft clothing.

“We’ll see you again in Windhoek,” I promised, “luckily it’s not a long flight. Sleep tight!”

The Twins are travelling in the suitcase, but I am going to be flying in the cabin!
The Twins are travelling in the suitcase, but I am going to be flying in the cabin!

4 thoughts on “Packing for our flight to Namibia

  1. Have a wonderful trip, Flat Kathy! How fortunate you are to sit up in the airplane. It’s probably a good thing that the Twins will remain in the suitcase. How exciting for you to be visiting another country in Africa!


    1. Ohh, Kathy, it was! It was such an exciting trip! I shall never forget the feeling of being up there in the sky, high above the clouds. I hope I’ll have another opportunity to fly like that.


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