Hunting for chocolate Easter eggs with the Twins

23 March 2013

“Have you ever been on an Easter Egg Hunt, Flat Kathy?” asked Reggie. I shook my head sadly.

“Well, we’re going to have one with Little N this morning,” she explained, beaming broadly at me: “and you and the Twins are coming along too.”

Now that was wonderful news! I always love seeing Little N and her parents, Dr Felix and Dr Lizette.

I wasn’t sure whether the Twins would behave themselves, though, as they’re quite a handful at the moment. Miss Tuffy-Cat has even nicknamed them the ‘Terrible Twins’, which isn’t a good reflection my mothering skills. Sigh… I hadn’t anticipated just how little sleep I’d be getting. I swear they arrange it between themselves to take turns crying and peeing and poohing (sorry, I can’t believe I’m actually writing about this stuff!) – I’ve barely finished sorting out the one, and sitting down for a break, when the other one demands attention. Just how do mothers of twins do this?!

Thabo and I find some Easter eggs
Thabo and I find some Easter eggs

Luckily, all the excitement of Little N’s Easter Egg Hunt kept them distracted long enough so that I could have a peaceful cup of tea – my first in what feels like weeks, but has only been days. Ahhh, it was absolute bliss.

Reggie even hid some chocolate eggs for Thabo and Bheki to find – they needed a bit of help and nudging to find the first one, because they didn’t know what it was all about initially, but once they caught on, no chocolate eggs or marshmallow eggs were safe!

I think a bath would probably be a good idea tonight.

Bheki has also found a magical Easter egg
Bheki has also found a magical Easter egg

4 thoughts on “Hunting for chocolate Easter eggs with the Twins

  1. Flat Kathy, I think it just takes a while to learn how to be a good mother. We all fail and succeed. The main thing is to keep loving them. Happy Easter!


    1. Happy Easter to you too, Curvy Kathy! Thank you for those wise words of encouragement. You clearly have had much more experience – Reggie and Richard have told me that they met your lovely daughter Kiah in New York last year, and by all accounts, she sounds quite wonderful. Well done!


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