Hey ho! It’s off to the Post Office we go!

15 March 2013

I have been rather busy the last few days, writing my special Flat Kathy postcards to the nice people who asked me to write to them via my Contact Me form. I also wrote postcards to the people I have met so far during my time in Cape Town, as well as to family and friends that Reggie hopes to introduce me to soon, or who might be willing to host me on my travels around the world!

I wrote to Robyn in New Zealand, and Birgitte in Denmark, and Conal in Northern Ireland, and Barbara in Connecticut, and Bobz in Kentucky, and Kathy in Michigan, and Myrna in Germany… and many others. I really hope that they will invite me to stay with them for a week or two, while they show me around their home and neighbourhoods. It would be wonderful to see more of the world this way!

Reggie carefully writes the postcards, while I dictate to her what she must say
While we enjoy cups of tea in the back garden and with Gilbert the Gnome offering some helpful grammatical advice, Reggie carefully writes the postcards, as I dictate to her what she must say – it is nice to have a secretary!

We have a few more things planned over my last few weeks in Cape Town – visits to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, the Two Oceans Aquarium, Butterfly World, a Farmers’ Market, and Silvermine Reservoir… I will also participate in a Great Easter Egg Hunt with Little N, and in a ‘Woefie Wandel’, which apparently is a fund-raising walk with thousands of dogs around a wine estate in Durbanville. Doesn’t this sound like fun?!

At the end of March, we are flying to Namibia to visit Richard’s and Reggie’s family in Windhoek and Swakopmund – ohh! I am so looking forward to meeting them! I have also written postcards to all of them, introducing myself, so that they won’t be too surprised when they meet me for the first time. When we get back from there, it will be time for me to pack my bags, and to leave for my next destination. I confess that I get a little tearful just thinking of saying goodbye to Cape Town and to all the nice people I’ve met here. At the same time, I feel very excited to be travelling around the world soon!

Gilbert the Gnome and I admire the postcards
Gilbert the Gnome and I admire the postcards

When I asked Reggie whether they would make me travel in the hold again, like last time when I flew via airmail from Halifax to Cape Town, she said, “If you promise to be good and to behave nicely, Flat Kathy, we’ll let you sit in on our lap when we fly to Windhoek. We’ll have to leave your stick behind, though – or to put it in our suitcase, because with all these airport security regulations, they are likely to confiscate your stick! But I’m sure that Aunty Lissi in Windhoek will be able to lend you something suitable.”

“Oh, that’s quite alright,” I replied, giving her my bestest and brightest smile, “I don’t mind! As long as I can sit with you and Richard, I’ll be happy!”

So, hold thumbs, dear friends! I shall be on my best behaviour!

We have some fun with 'air-mailing' all the postcards
We have some fun with ‘air-mailing’ all the postcards

When we finished writing all the postcards yesterday evening, Reggie and I were in a playful and rather exuberant mood – so we persuaded Richard to take some high-action photographs of the two of us in the back garden, ‘air-mailing’ all the postcards! The sun was already hidden behind all the trees, so he had to use a flash, and it took over a dozen attempts to get the shot that we wanted.

Afterwards, Richard praised me for my patience. “You know, Flat Kathy, it is such a pleasure to photograph you,” he said. “You are always so cheerful and easygoing, and you don’t mind doing things over and over again until we get the perfect shot. You’re a very good model.”

Ahh, it is nice to be praised for one’s positive qualities.

Soon, they will be winging their way to distant shores!
Soon, they will be winging their way to distant shores!

This morning, Reggie and I drove to the Howard Centre with all the postcards; this is a nearby shopping mall with lots of interesting shops.

“Where is the post office?” I asked.

“It’s round the back,” Reggie replied, as we walked briskly through to the far side of the mall, arriving at another parking area. “Look over there, you can see the two red boxes standing next to each other.”

Reggie leaned me against the wall while she extracted her camera from her rucksack, where it had been safely stowed away.

“Alright, now which of these two boxes is the right one?” We stood in front of them and read the writing on the front. A friendly man was standing next to us, a pile of postcards and letters in his hand, also looking at the pair of red postboxes in puzzlement.

I get ready to mail my very first postcards
I get ready to mail my very first postcards

“Do you know if one of these is for airmail overseas?” he asked Reggie in what sounded like a British accent.

“I’ve just been trying to figure that out too,” Reggie replied uncertainty. “They look identical.”

“I’m going to ask inside.” He disappeared into the post office and returned moments later.

“They said either box is fine,” he said helpfully, before feeding his letters and cards into the one. “As long as they reach their destination. Last time, it took about six months for airmail letters to travel from Cape Town to the UK, and to the US!”

Reggie firmly grasped me and a batch of postcards in one hand, and took a couple of photos of me shoving the cards into the slot. “Well, Flat Kathy, I hope yours don’t take quite so long!”

“Goodbye, postcards,” I called into the slot, “please reach your destinations quick-quick!”

If you receive your cards, please let me know? I would love to hear whether they have arrived safely at their destinations. Just drop me a line in the comments below, or via the Contact Me form.

There they go!
There they go!

11 thoughts on “Hey ho! It’s off to the Post Office we go!

  1. cute post. 🙂 I have just discovered sending out postcards recently. Its so much fun when I surprise my friends with them.


    1. Hello Museconfuse – thank you for your kind comment. Yes, I thought it might be a nice surprise for my friends all around the world too! If you would like me to send you a postcard from South Africa, let me know, alright?


  2. Oh F.K., I know Reggie is going to miss you. She has been the bestest host ever. I am so jealous: I’d love to go to a butterfly garden. I am going to have to look to see how those photo post cards are made. I’ll certainly let you know when mine arrives. Love the photo of you and Reggie “air mailing them.


    1. I have had so much fun down here at the southern tip of Africa, Sybil. I didn’t think it would be quite this nice! I was so afraid I’d be banished to the dark jungles, or the boiling hot desert, but it’s not like that at all here. I hope we can still fit in all the things that we have on my wishlist before it is time for me to leave.


  3. 🙂 My postcard has arrived, it went all the way to Denmark in a week. Thank you very much, it is a very beautiful card Reggie has made for you. What a wonderful sunshine you have, I enjoyed imagining being there. the temperature is still below zero outside my window. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard, FK. Please thank your secretary for me, too. We were so excited to see your beautiful face smiling back at us when we opened our mailbox. Oregano and I would love to host you during our summer. We can’t promise you exotic locales like Namibia, but we’d love to show you around NJ.


    1. Hello Paprika! How wonderful to hear that you have received my postcard – and I am sooo pleased to hear that you might be willing to host me! I will let you know my itinerary soon.


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