We salute the sun

21 February 2013

Reggie and I got off to a great start to the day: we met in the garden for some just-after-dawn calisthenics. No, no, it wasn’t an aerobics class, but I finally got around to showing her my Salute to the Sun routine, which I’d promised to teach her a while ago. And she showed me some gently flowing Qi Gong moves to ease stiff joints.

We do our Salute to the Sun routine on the grass
We do our Salute to the Sun routine on the grass

Ahhh, it felt great to do these exercises out in the cool air with our feet on the grass, our outstretched arms absorbing the energy of the air and sky and earth, and our faces basking in the soft early morning light.

We lay on the grass afterwards during our post-exercise rest period, and watched a flock of white racing pigeons circling above us in the clear blue sky. Reggie told me that there must be a pigeon breeder in a nearby house, because she often sees these beautiful pigeons on the grass verges in their street. (Have a look here for some pictures.)

Sigh… This is heavenly…

A flock of racing pigeons circles above us
A flock of racing pigeons circles above us

4 thoughts on “We salute the sun

    1. Good morning, Curvy Kathy!

      I am sorry to hear that it is still dark and cold in the Upper Peninsula. I shall send you some warm summer sun right away.


    1. Flex carefully“. Right, I’ll remember that.

      Shall I send a couple of rays of sun to Nova Scotia, Sybil? I’d like you to be able to do calisthenics on the lawn too. It’s so invigorating.


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