How we create a photo opportunity with a teeny-tiny strawberry

What have we here?
What have we here?

“Look what I found,” declared Richard proudly, holding a teeny-tiny strawberry by the stem.

“Oh my goodness, that’s our first strawberry!” said Reggie ecstatically, taking it from his hand and examining it closely. “It’s perfect!”

“Erm, not quite our first…,” replied Richard, looking a bit sheepish.


“I… um… ate the first one yesterday.”

“You what? I didn’t even know there were any ripe berries yet!”

“Yes, well… um…”

“We’ll have to put it back,” stated Reggie, firmly.

“What on earth for?” asked Richard with a surprised look.

“It’s a FLAT KATHY MOMENT! She would’ve LOVED to find the first strawberry, but we’ll make do with the second one. I’m going to get the camera…” She marched off down the passage.

“Oh. … Right. …”

A teeny-tiny perfect strawberry
A teeny-tiny perfect strawberry

“Here, you take Flat Kathy, and put her right next to the strawberry plants,” commanded Reggie.

Richard obediently aligned me next to the little green plants. The tiny strawberry was strategically placed among the leaves, as though it hadn’t been plucked yet. And I peered at it from above.

“Don’t get my fingers into the shot, alright?” asked Richard.

Clickety-click went the camera, and I was momentarily blinded by the flash.

“OK, now a close-up of the berry.”

Clickety-click – flash!

“Alright. Done.”

“OK, now can we please EAT it?” demanded Richard, just a tad peevishly. And we did. It was delicious!

So this is the surreal kind of stuff that happens behind the scenes of one of my blog posts.

2 thoughts on “How we create a photo opportunity with a teeny-tiny strawberry

    1. It was a treat, Sybil – I was so touched that they wanted to share it with me. Gilbert the Gnome, proud little gardener that he is, had shown me the little budding strawberries a week ago. I thought they’d still take ages to grow.


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