I am a citizen of the world!

Today was an exciting day: I have finally received my very special passport!

The front page of my very first passport
The front page of my very first passport

It identifies me as “a citizen of the world”. I am so thrilled about this.

I am so thrilled!
I am so thrilled!

Look at all the information it includes about me:

These are all the details it includes about me
These are all the details it includes about me

Now my trip around the world can truly begin!

So, if you would like me to come and visit you, wherever you are in the whole wide world, and whether it’s for a couple of days or a week or two, please drop me a line via theContact Me form.

7 thoughts on “I am a citizen of the world!

  1. Oh F.K. this is so exciting ! I love your passport. Why had I not noticed that you had one green and one pink eye ? I am so envious of your upcoming adventures. I wonder WHERE you’ll go next ?


    1. Hello Sybil – it is very exciting for me too! I don’t know where I am going to go next. I haven’t received any invitations yet!

      Fortunately, though, I still have a couple of things on my South African To Do List!

      P.S. I only noticed that I have two different colour eyes when I looked in the mirror after my makeover. I confess, I was a little alarmed, as I thought something was wrong. But Reggie said, it made me look exotic and mysterious.


    1. Thank you, Barbara, so do I.

      Reggie suggested that, as I visit each new country, I should ask my host family to stick a special postage stamp from their country into my passport – a bit like a visa stamp.

      She is going to glue in the stamps from Nova Scotia, which were on the envelope in which I travelled to Cape Town, and she wants to get some nice South African stamps at the local post office.


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