I now have a proper bed!

Aunty Karin brings me a special bed
Aunty Karin brings me a special bed

Reggie’s mother, Aunty Karin, arrived this morning with a special present for me: a gorgeous wooden bed!

She told me that it had been handmade for her by her Uncle Paul, many, many years ago, when she was a little girl. He painted it in glossy white paint, and made it look just like a real bed.

Her mom (Reggie’s granny) made some pillows, a mattress, and a duvet especially for it. Her dolls slept in it for years and years. Then, when Reggie was born, her mother gave the bed to her, and her dolls too always slept in it. For more than 20 years now, it has been tucked away in her garage.

“Waiting for a special visitor, like you, Flat Kathy,” Aunty Karin said, smiling fondly at me. “I hope you will sleep well in it, and that it will give you sweet dreams.”

So, tonight, instead of sleeping on the big sleeper couch, I snuggled up in my own cosy bed. Ohh, it is perfect!

I just know I am going to sleep really well in this!
I just know I am going to sleep really well in this!

3 thoughts on “I now have a proper bed!

    1. Oh, it is, Rosie Bear. In fact, the Cat came to share it last night. I didn’t mind, because it started raining in the middle of the night, and it was actually quite cold. So a bit of extra furry warmth next to me was lovely.


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