Attending to some domestic chores

I help Reggie to fill the washing machine
I help Reggie to fill the washing machine

Today was a busy day.

We did the laundry and some ironing, swept up fallen leaves and filled the compost bins, drove out to Durbanville to pick up a surprise for me and to deliver some cupcakes to a friend, and I had a bit of a makeover!

The day started with me helping Reggie to put some fresh bedlinen on their bed, and loading the colourful duvet and mattress covers and pillow cases into the  washing machine.  It was so funny to watch the machine on the spin cycle – it was spinning so fast that it kept hopping forward a little bit at a time.

I’m afraid I wasn’t much help hanging the washing up on the line afterwards, because I couldn’t reach high enough. And the wind, which was gusting quite a bit, kept blowing me over, which was a bit of a nuisance. In the afternoon, when everything was dry, we folded the things nicely, and put aside all the items that still had to be ironed.

Tonight, while I helped Reggie with all the ironing, Richard prepared a delicious meal of thinly-sliced fried potatoes, squash spiced with nutmeg, and some fresh salad. He is quite the chef! We even had a choice of pudding afterwards – a stick or two of KitKat and half a Magnum ice-cream, called – wait for it! – “Death by Chocolate”. I think this is probably the best chocolate ice-cream I have ever had. I was in heaven.

Over dinner, we talked about our plans for the weekend and about all the things we still wanted to do during my stay in Cape Town. I will show you my To Do List a little later.

It was so nice; I am starting to feel like I am part of the family here.

2 thoughts on “Attending to some domestic chores

    1. Hm, Rosie Bear? I’m not sure dogs are allowed to have chocolate. I think I read somewhere that it’s not good for dogs or cats… it makes them sick? I wouldn’t want you to get sick, so maybe check with your human first, alright?


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