Our delicious lunch at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium

02 February 2013

We had some muffins and pancakes over coffee and tea at a little coffee shop inside the Noordhoek Garden Emporium.

It’s a delightful place, with lots of trees and flowering plants, and I felt right at home!

We met up with one of Richard’s aunts, who is house-sitting and dog-sitting in Noordhoek, and we had such a nice pleasant chat.

I hope that I will meet her two dogs someday! That would be so exciting!

7 thoughts on “Our delicious lunch at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium

  1. Maybe I can come and live with Reggie once you move on? But she’d have to take me on outings too – especially the ones that involve eating! 🙂


    1. Before I invite you over to take my place in this lovely little cottage, I just want to check: Are you in fact a dog, Rosie Bear?

      If you are, I hope you get along with cats. They have an elderly cat, you see. And they’re rather protective of her.


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