The Cat and I

My Cape Town hosts happen to share their home with a cat. It is an elderly tortoiseshell cat with a white tummy and soft white paws.

Hello, Tuffy-Cat, I am Flat Kathy
Hello, Tuffy-Cat, I am Flat Kathy

I must confess that I was a little fearful at first.

You know how cats can be – razor sharp teeth and claws that can tear into you at the slightest provocation. Or when they get carried away while you’re giving them a tummy rub.

They are sooo unpredictable.

 Uh-oh... is she going to bite me?!
Uh-oh… is she going to bite me?!

Anyway, Reggie introduced me to Tuffy-Cat, and I am relieved to report that Tuffy-Cat was most polite.

She sniffed me all over, and then gently rubbed her cheek against me.

It seems I have been accepted and welcomed.

It seems the Cat likes me. Phew!
It seems the Cat likes me. Phew!

8 thoughts on “The Cat and I

  1. Oh dear! The fur is going to fly if ever Tuffy-Cat finds out that Flat-Kathy has called her ‘elderly’ in this post. Already she’s stirring the pot! I know Flat-Kathy’s just a spring chicken compared to many of us, but I’ll bet she requires some major reconstructive surgery in her jowl area before the year is up!


    1. What were you doing nosing around the pantry? Looking for cheese?? Weren’t you already told that there wasn’t any in the house? Did you think your hosts were holding out on you??

      Good grief, DO try to behave yourself Flat-Kathy.


    2. Oh no! I didn’t mean to cause offence! I’m going to apologise to the Cat the next time I see her. I believe she rather likes tuna, and I happened to glimpse a small can of that in the pantry earlier today.


    1. She’s shy but quite friendly when you get to know her.

      Were you perhaps a little on the boisterous side, Rosie Bear? I find (or rather, I heard from Tuffy-Cat) that cats generally don’t like it much when you jump on them or tumble them head-over-heels. It may be fun for you, but they’re a bit more fragile, poor things.


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