By the poolside

My Cape Town hosts have a pool in their garden, right outside the garden flat where I am staying during my visit.

It was an exceedingly hot day when I finally arrived at the post office in Pinelands, and I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I was finally liberated from my prison. At last, I could breathe again.

Why couldn’t my Nova Scotian friends arrange a proper seat on the plane for me? I would’ve loved to see the Atlantic Ocean beneath us, as we flew, and the breathtaking Milky Way above us during the night-time.

But no, they shoved me in an envelope, stuck it closed, and threw me in the mail. I travelled cargo – how hurtful is this! I was stuck in a mail-bag with hundreds of other envelopes and letters and postcards, all poking and shoving and jostling for air. I mean, really, it was most uncharitable.

Look! A sparkling blue pool! Isn't this paradise?!
Look! A sparkling blue pool! Isn’t this paradise?!

Anyway, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when Reggie sat me down on the bench next to her pool. The gentlest of breezes was fluttering the leaves, and it felt sooo good to have the wind caressing my hair again. Ahhh, sigh….

All that was missing was a sweet lemon tea with some ice-cubes. (Hint hint!)

5 thoughts on “By the poolside

    1. You were *also* banished to the cargo hold? Oh dear, and at such a young age too. That must’ve been traumatic. I’m surprised you didn’t take it out on your owners.


        1. Good for you, Rosie Bear! They should know better than to stuff you into a crate!

          My problem was that I was feeling rather weak from dehydration and hunger, because I spent such a long time in prison that envelope. Can you believe they forgot to put some snacks in there? I mean, really, surely it’s not too much to ask…


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